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Ship Unloader for Cargotec Bulk Handling AB

Client: Cargotec Bulk Handling AB

Year: 2013

Total Weight: 450 Tons

Marketex Offshore Constructions has successfully completed the manufacture of a steel 450 ton specialized ship unloader on behalf of the Swedish company, Cargotec Bulk Handling.

The unloader is scheduled to be installed in Copenhagen at a facility that is operated by the Danish company, Dong Energy, who operate one of the world's most efficient heating and power plants. The installation of the unloader at the Dong Energy facility will enable ships carrying coal and wood pellets to be unloaded directly from the cargo hold to the power plant and with the capacity to unload 800-1000 tons of bulk material per hour the overall efficiency of the plant is expected to increase significantly. The ship unloader is capable of performing its operations in three different modes and at extremely low noise levels.