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2 Well Intervention Towers

Client: Dwellop

Total Weight: 100 Tons

Time for the Manufacturing: 9 Months

Destination: South Arne Oil & Gas Rig located in the Danish sector of the North Sea, which is capable of processing up to 50,000 barrels of oil and two million m³ of gas per day.

Each set of equipment weights 100 tons and consists of a skid base with a reel and a mechanism for coil tubing unwinding as well as a tower with a coil tubing feeder into the well. The tower itself consists of 6 mobile modules, 30 meters high in total. All modules are mechanically connected and can skid along the skid beams between themselves and on the platform with the help of dedicated skid tractors. Each tower has an electric traverse crane and 2 winches for lifting - shifting up to 6 tons. The tower skids along the deck of the platform in all 4 directions with the help of hydraulic cylinders. All the equipment and tower modules are put in motion remotely from the control panel. The tower has a work deck module, which is located 15 meters high from the deck and is designated for the work crew and thus had to be protected from the wind. For this perforated stainless steel custom-made plates supplied by a British company were used.

All electrical systems are in accordance with the ATEX Directives (EC Directives that regulate equipment and safety systems for use in explosive areas). Design and fabrication of towers are in accordance to the highest class of Norwegian standards used in oil & gas industry - Norsok, which means higher requirements to the equipment fabrication, assembly and testing. All modules are fabricated, tested and certified according to DNV 2.7-3 „Portable Offshore Units“.

A full integration test was conducted before shipment, which meant reconstructing towers operating conditions on the platform that most closely resemble real conditions.