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Marketex Offshore Constructions to build railway and foot bridge for Stockholm

The Marketex Offshore Constructions, a subsidiary of BLRT Grupp, has signed a contract for the manufacture of metal structures for the busiest railway and foot bridge in the center of Stockholm. The total weight of the steel structures will amount to 3 000 tons.

"The contract for the manufacture of metal structures for the bridge in Stockholm is already the second project, which we have started to implement this year. Earlier, we had signed a contract for the manufacture of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge for the city of Oslo. This once again confirms the adequacy of the strategy chosen by our corporate group — to diversify the production of high-tech equipment and complex metal structures in order not to depend on the situation in the oil and gas industry and the offshore industry, the influence of which has beenexperienced by many companies," says Veronika Ivanovskaya, Chairman of the Board of BLRT Grupp.

Most of the railways, bridges and tunnels in the central district of Stockholm were built in the 1950s, so today they need renovation. The Getingmidjan railway section is the link for all trains that arrive from the south of the country, which makes it one of the busiest railway lines in Sweden.

The bridge will be shipped in two phases - in 2019 and 2020. The maximum weight of one section of the bridge is 280 tons. They will be delivered to Stockholm by sea, where they will be assembled by the prime contractor of the project — the Impleniacompany.

In 2009, BLRT Grupp manufactured three segments for the Metro Tunnel in Stockholm; the total length of the structures was about 300 meters, and the total weight — 2 500 tons. In the same period, a steel bridge with a pedestrian path was built for the highway in Copenhagen. The total length of the structures was almost 234 meters, and the total weight - about 2 000 tons.