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Marketex Offshore Constructions is interested in the following services:

  • Engineering;
  • PWHT;
  • Mechanical treatment;
  • Bending of heavy plates.

Marketex Offshore Constructions is a major consumer of materials.

Marketex Offshore Constructions is a major consumer of the following materials:

Sheet metal, pipes, stripes 15 thousand tons / year
Welding consumables 300 tons / year
Various hardware 300 thousand pieces / year
Protective clothing, respirators, masks, gloves, etc. For 400 workers
Different tools for metalworking 300 thousands EUR / year
Investment in equipment 0,5 - 1 mln. EUR / year

What we offer

From our side Marketex Offshore Constructions offers:

  • Long-term cooperation;
  • Regular purchases;
  • Timely payment.

What we expect

Our companies expecting from the suppliers:

  • A quality products that meets customer requirements;
  • Delivery within a specified period;
  • A desire to help solving the problems of our customers;
  • Professionalism in dealing with the problems;
  • Customer-friendly service.


Marketex Offshore Constructions
Address: Kopli 103, 11712, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 610 2535
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